connectionjewelry gift card

  • CHF 25.00
Once you have purchased this voucher, please contact and inform the recipient's address. We will send a gift box to the person you want.

The gift card recipient can contact directly at
Call +41772219227 (whatsapp)
email admin@connectionjewelry

To confirm and select the desired product and we will deliver the product as needed.

Condition: Brand New 1ties &1handkerchief&1 pair cufflinks&1 Clip

Brand: Vangise

Material: Polyester& Silk

Size: A8001 TO A8040 is 145cm in length and 8cm in Width HB166 TO HB201 is 145cm in length and 7.5cm in Width

Condition: Daylight lamp (Take the material object as)

Packing: Protective gift box packing

Designer: Italian